We invite you to experience the best that private medicine has to offer.

Balanced Health came from an idea I wanted to pursue in medicine after living and training in a model I felt constrained in.  Due to external limitations placed onto physicians from insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and our federal government, I noticed that what was so precious in the examination room was being whittled down to what could be paid for.   I realized that my advice given to many patients of taking charge of your own destiny and being accountable, needed to be followed through in my own life.  I needed to be authentic with the freedom to continue delivering care with integrity and compassion.

So I jumped in.

I realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with our nation’s medical care system when many physicians including myself feel trapped in the grasp of “corporatized” medicine, but powerless to “change the system”.  I have chosen another path.  Understanding that I cannot “change the system”, I realize that I can only change how I practice medicine.  I have broken away from all managed care plans, and federally funded programs to see fewer patients and spend more time with each patient.  It is my practice to recommend only what is best for you, not what is best for your insurance company.

At Balanced Health, we offer our patients service that you simply will not find in other medical practices.  Since there is still no adequate substitute for genuine face to face time between a patient and their physician, I reserve a full hour for your initial consultation and lengthy follow-up visits.  Your physical examinations and wellness care is thorough, focusing on prevention and tailored to your needs.

My mission is to spend time with you and deliver the most comprehensive and compassionate care I can.