Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need health insurance if I am a patient of Balanced Health?
    Yes, major medical health insurance is a must for catastrophic events and care that is necessary for living. With the superbill provided by the office, your deductibles will be subtracted from and reimbursement given when deemed appropriate by your insurance company.  If you need hospitalization, emergency room care, lab work, radiographic studies or referrals, your insurance will be billed as it is typically done by the hospital or lab which your studies are performed.  Of course, I accept patients who do not currently have health insurance plans as well.


  1. Can I use my Flex account or HSA plan to cover office visits and procedures done at Balanced Health?
    This is a great idea which can help you achieve a tax advantaged source of health care dollars.


  1. Will I be required to pay an annual fee to join this practice?
    No, there is no annual fee in this office as many other concierge medical practices have designed.


  1. What is covered by my health insurance if I see Dr. Jackson?
    Everything that takes place outside of this office is submitted as it has always been done by the hospital, laboratory, or referring physician. Your insurance will be billed for every service that Dr. Jackson recommends.


  1. How does our practice work with insurance?
    We always ask for a copy of your insurance card to help us pre-authorize any tests or prescription medications that Dr. Jackson feels necessary in your care. Though we do not bill them, we need the information from your insurance to help your care.