I’m a Board Certified Family Physician.

I have completed extensive training in osteoporosis management.  Most of my patients have helped me get more focused on women’s health care.

My passion is for comprehensive medicine for each patient.  I incorporate and give you all of the tools to be accountable for your own health.  You work as a team with the physician. This allows you to be healthy now and into the future.

I have been practicing family medicine for 20 years in Durango – two years as owner of Balanced Health, and 18 years with a previous practice.

I Care for the Entire Family.

I’ve always been a person that wanted to help, and when I was younger I didn’t know how to filter that.  I was quite athletic as a youth, and a late bloomer, deciding that medical health was the way I wanted to go.

Once I had started practicing medicine, I rediscovered the immense passion I have for helping people.  I wanted to make a compacted profession simple to understand and incorporate into their own lives.

I named my office Balanced Health because we’re trying to find a balance between our work lives, health life, and personal life.  Medicine makes me feel like I am on the planet to do good things.  I feel balanced, and I would like to see my patients feel balanced too.

I’m able to Spend Quality Time with People.

My practice style is not a 10 minute visit to fix your boogey nose (though I can fix that too).  I spend my time to communicate with you about what your symptoms are to really pull the whole story together.

After that,  I work to help you understand reports and tests, and help you look at your life to make adjustments to your lifestyle to greatly alter your future health in a positive way.

I regularly see children, men, women, and older adults.